IT Diagnostics & Maintenance

Applicable to all products as a generic means of payment for multiple products by under one line item. 1 Hour credit for IT diagnostics and repair. If you need more than 1 hour simply add more quantity to your cart. Before purchasing IT Diagnostics in quantity please contact us for a quick evaluation. Credit is transferable to any product up to 90 days from purchase.

Product Price $120.00
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Product Description

Need help figuring out what is wrong with your website? That is the million dollar question. Your site is like a hotel, if part of it is broken then it will affect everything else. You have hundreds of sections to manage and keep in healthy order. So sometimes it can take a while figuring out what is wrong and how to fix it so we take that job over and fix it for you!. We will fix your website for you at an emergency pace and have everything functioning how you want it in no time! Shopify and WordPress are the two most powerful platforms today so we have made that our strongest support point.

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