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Pressing Trade is an internet marketing and website design company located in Houston, TX. There are a lot of SEO and Website design companies in Houston. What makes us stand out? Maybe it is our low overhead. Maybe it is the fact our main SEO & Website design gurus love their job. There are many reasons why Pressing Trade is your SEO Company. We are here for your Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Webmaster (Website Design) needs in Houston and beyond. Contact us today by clicking Contact us for INTERNET MARKETING & WEBSITE DESIGN. This site has mobile responsive framework meaning if you DOUBLE CLICK anywhere on the page via your smart phone the SITE WILL AUTOMATICALLY REFORMAT for your viewing pleasure.

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    Target customers by age, location, and more with targeted ads on Google's display network. Google users will see your custom advertisement with similar content they are looking for at that time. This type of advertisement and internet marketing is used for launch companies or even building brands. You don't have to spend a lot to see actual results and the effectiveness of the money you spend can be traced through Google Analytics.

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    Social media marketing company located in Houston, TX. that specializes in SMM. Get ahead of your competition by creating social chatter and more site engagement via social networks! Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) is a big part of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) which creates better rankings for your site and a great source for one way backlinks. Contact us today for help with the social aspect of the internet which is creating the new foundation of online business at this day in age.

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    Pressing Trade SEO Company located in Houston, TX. is an internet marketing company established in 2011. Although the company is new the computer gurus that started Pressing Trade have been building websites for over 10 years.  Also click on the SEO button at the very bottom of this page for more information on SEO Houston. If you have any questions

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App Developer Houston | #1 APP COMPANY of HOUSTON

Application Designer in HoustonCreate an app with us to help out the most prospective clients endure on your creation. Take business to a whole new level with an app! Create trends, push posts, or create scheduling with our apps! Boost your websites ranks for being ahead of the curve in web 2.0 by offering an APP for your business!  An APP in conjunction with a well coded website is what the fortune 500 companies want or have. Why don’t you have it? Cost are too high probably but no here at Pressing Trade. Contact us right away for a free consultation!

About Apps

We create high-quality apps for you at an affordable price and provide you with the complete mobile solution necessary to take your business to the next level. Your app will be fully customized to match your brand, with features that will make your app relevant, engaging, and valuable so your customers will come back to your app again and again.

Why Mobile?

The mobile industry has exploded in recent years and is growing faster than any other industry in history. Users are turning to their phones and tablets more than ever before to search, play, shop, and access the content they love while on the go. In fact, there has been a 400% growth in mobile searches over the past year, and by 2016, 300 billion apps will be downloaded annually. With the mobile revolution well underway, it is crucial for businesses to build a mobile presence and grab their share of the market.

Does Internet Marketing Work?

Are you wondering if Internet Marketing really works?

Internet Marketing in Houston is becoming very popular for the simple reason that, “YES!” it does work. It works very well if you hire someone that has had a lot of experience with both large and small budget internet marketing campaigns. The ROI, or return on investment through Internet marketing is usually twice that of magazine, newspaper, and direct mail marketing COMBINED!

What will Internet Marketing in Houston do for you?

There are several types of marketing to choose from and, to be honest I was in the SAME position you are in now. You have magazines, newspapers, television, radio, direct mail, and much more. Which one is going to work for your business? All of these vehicles of marketing besides internet marketing have been downsizing and losing sales. The reason is because everyone goes to the internet to acquire information. If you need to find a fancy restaurant or the nearest tire shop where do you go?

Why is internet marketing in Houston so popular all the sudden?

More than a decade ago GOOGLE was launched. Now it is THE most powerful company on the planet and all within just over 10 years! Most people think the internet is very large and there is no more room left due to high competition. Well, that is simply not true. We are at the very beginning of the Internet! To make more sense I will use the United States of America as an example. When the industrial revolution came about, everyone wanted a part in it. Poor folks would travel across the country on horse and carriage for work without any guarantee of a job. Railroads were being established very quickly, but no one had any idea what a massive infrastructure it would become. The internet is in the same stage as the industrial boom. Everyone thinks that all the web space has been taken up and there is not much work left but it really has just started. What everyone is after these days is better than gold! Digital Real Estate and keyword domination is a fresh industry that YOU need to claim-and fast! I have helped many clients claim keywords such as “dog grooming in Houston” or “luxury appliances in Houston.” What I mean by claiming them is when you type those keywords in the search engines, you mainly see their business. Internet marketing in Houston has been such a success for me that I quit my job as a CSO/COO of a multi-million dollar corporation to help others claim their digital empire! Own your own Digital Empire today by contacting us ASAP! Time is running out..

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A Doodle for Webmasters and SEO

What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization has become very popular over the past decade along with the basic guidelines of search engine optimization. There are two terms used to describe positive and negative SEO practices.  White hat SEO is the use of positive stratagies to further boost page ranking on the internet. Black hat SEO is a good topic to study so you know what NOT to accept as “good” SEO work.

White hat search engine optimization outlines the best practices that will benefit the end user the most. These practices can change from year to year due to the significant rate of expansion of the world wide web. It is beneficial to check out white hat SEO guides often. Even the smartest and most successful SEOs check up on SEO guides every few months. The basic idea of white hat SEO is that the user should be able to read your web page like they would read a book. From top left to bottom right. White hat defines simplicity and ease of use for both end users “customers,” or search engines themselves that read your site to index it. This comes from implementing the correct title tags as well as directory structures and cleaning up messy source code in the back-end.

Black hat search engine optimization outlines the worst practices that will not benefit the end user. The practices change every day due to the attraction of cutting corners to get a sight edge to the top of the search engines. These bad practices include buying link packages to boost ranks from unrelated websites. This is the most commonly used black hat SEO strategy and is extremely misused in the online world. Since search engines do not like “junk” link packages, they will not give you the page one ranking you want. Black hat will improve your ranking but completely in the worst way possible. There are a ton of other black hat strategies like keyword stuffing and hidden text. It is always a good idea to study black hat SEO just to get an idea of what not to do.

Properly Designed Websites and Clean Coding

The impact a properly designed and coded website will have on your company

Technology has come a long way and so has the internet. In the 1980’s a company using the internet to gain customers was impractical and costly from the lack of users and the cost of web design. Over the past 30 years many programmers around the world have created templates for people to use to build web pages while bringing down costs. This industry has become very big with large website hosting companies.

Search Engine Optimization Coding and Design

While common templates look good most of the time and function correctly, they are typically not coded correctly for the search engines to properly read. The internet’s search engines are becoming flooded with outdated, poorly coded websites which is causing a decline in overall user experience. The search engines got tired of the past couple of decades of clutter that has been built up and they have just created new laws that govern the operations of the internet. All of the major search engines prefer clean coded sites so that they load faster and can be read easier by internet robots. Internet robots are used to build these massive databases of information that you find by typing something into Google, Yahoo, or Bing.


Due to the sudden high demand of clean coded a.k.a “Optimized” websites, some of the biggest players in the website design game have made hundreds of finely tuned templates. There is only one downside to using these templates. They are all the same! So this is where steps in. Pressing Trade will take these templates and not only redesign them to make them unique, but we will also integrate new features and innovations to create the best looking and functioning websites on the internet. Basically, we are taking the best of the internet made by the founders of the biggest internet companies and making it better! Pressing Trade will also further optimize the templates by integrating major social media sites for SEO purposes. This will give your users a better experience by being able to share any page, product, or files with their friends with two clicks of the mouse button!

What Pressing Trade Internet Marketing Company is doing is exactly what the big search engines want and prefer. In return, the search engines will put sites such as,, and much higher on the search engines results page. But, since is a very dynamic and innovative company we build our websites to achieve places on page 1 of every search engine. To do this we further optimize information about your business on other websites that link to yours so the search engines can read those sites easier also. Sites such as Yellowbook, Yelp, Whitepages, Angies List, etc.. Just four to six months of continuous optimization of all internet content in or outside of your site will give you and your business first page results on all of the major search engines instead of being on page 34 or 53 where no one will ever find you.

Importance of Online Advertising

The first six months of your site requires an advertising boost!

To get to the first page of the search engines results for your site requires a balance of freshly updated content, search engine optimization, and a steady advertising campaign. The reason why marketing is needed and not just recommended is because it gives your website a commanding search result position(s) in as little as 36 hours. Yes, you do have to pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement, and most people assume it is very expensive. Not for! Google prefers highly trained ad-words professionals so that their search engine stays clean and accurate.  The ad-words gurus at Pressing Trade Internet Marketing have advanced training in this field.   In return the average bids can be greatly optimized if all of the values Google is looking for are there. With an adwords specialist you will save upwards of 60% in wasted clicks and overbidding. The first rule of creating advertisements to launch your website is to never use flash! Flash ads while cool and pretty are hard for Google to read. Google prefers html ads so that the advertisements and the keywords associated to them give your landing page value. These ads are placed on the “Display Network” which is a series of websites that have a small, medium, or large space available for network ads to be shown. If your websites ad is clicked, the owner of the website that displayed your ads will get a small percentage of what you paid for that ad.  This is the most popular way to advertise on the internet since it creates profits that you can reinvest into your own ads if you have a display network set up on your own site for others to use. You can also block out your competition from using your website for their ads.

The most efficient way to advertise is through the “search network”. When you go to Google and type something in the search bar, there are three results on the very top of the results page which are usually highlighted. These results get clicked the most of course, but that is for a reason. These results are really “search network” advertisements. Now, to get your website going during the first six months you want to be in this position on the search networks. What makes it the most efficient? Unlike the display network discussed above, the search network is text only.  The text ads on the search network have many more settings and notifications for tracking and better calibration. This drops the cost for the ad to show on the search results page by up to 70% if done by a highly trained ad words specialist. There are also demographic settings so if you want to advertise just to downtown Houston and The Woodlands only, it can be done!  Contact Pressing Trade for more detailed information about this advanced topic.

Website Design Company in Houston – What is Website Design?

Website Design Houston GraphicWebsite Design is the process of creating digital content for internet marketing of different types. Website design can be tricky due to strict guidelines from giant search engines. If the design and coding stage is done improperly, your website may become useless. It is very important to have a professional webmaster and SEO design your companies internet site.

Internet Marketing Company in Houston – What is Search Engine Marketing?

Internet Marketing in Houston SEM SEO(SEM) Search Engine Marketing is a type of marketing that drives sales or internet traffic to your website. The internet is massive and is full of information. If you own a business and need more customer flow then you NEED internet marketing for both instant and permanent results. The first thing you need to know about Internet Marketing in Houston is that the process of populating your websites internet marketing results can take up to six months. The search engines are massive and there is simply not enough computer power to update new internet content instantly. So the search engines take a while to acquire all of your internet marketing data and content from or for your website. After this stage is complete, your visitor results via your internet marketing report should show sudden major increases in traffic.

Pressing Trade Internet Marketing Company located in Houston, TX. is an internet marketing company that combines the latest innovations and technologies into one dynamic and well designed site. Pressing Trade Internet Marketing Company also uses the latest  SEO guidelines in mind while designing your companies website.